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    M W

    Dr Law is quite a nice doctor with gentle hands. Clearly something important when it comes to choosing a doctor who’s going near ones groin.

    I really appreciate his nurse, Sabrina. Very very helpful and capable when assisting the doctor. She was also great with admin and was able to help a lot with my corporate insurance claims. Couldn’t recommend this clinic more! Thanks heaps!!

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    Dion L

    Attentive and nice gynae. Awesome staff!

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    Green Leaff2017

    Good doctor. Competent, cool & steady under pressure, supportive of elective caesarian (does not try to pressure u to natural birth). Good stitches and I healed well with no complications and little pain. A low and neat c section scar. How he stiched so well despite my body shaking like crazy from the epidural, I don’t know, but he’s great !

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    Jermaine Liang

    I can never thank Dr Law and team enough for taking such great care of me during my high risk pregnancy. Dr Law is highly experienced, calm and assuring during every prenatal check-up. His nurses are friendly, caring and competent. I have recovered well from my C-section without much pain. Many people were surprised that I did not have to take painkillers and i could walk around normally on 2nd day post surgery. Will highly recommend him!! 🙂

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    Siau San Angela

    Great doctor with poor customer service staffs. Their staffs never fail to disappoint us with their service every single time. Still, thank you Dr Law for helping deliver our baby 👶. Dr Law deserves much better staff to represent his clinic. All the best.

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