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    Cherry Manlutac

    So glad that I chose the right clinic. Staffs Mona, Agnes and Margaret are friendly. As for Dr. Ben he’s nice, caring and accomodating. I’m really grateful to have you as my OB and thank you very much for a safe and smooth delivery. Kudos! ♡ Cherry Nakar

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    _ Liyana

    He takes the time to listen and answers all your enquires. It can be expensive. But you can tell he is sincere and not out to cheat your money unlike many gynae. Love the clinic setting too. So classy.

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    Pradyani Liu

    They did same test that cost me a lot money when I already show them the lab result that i just recently did, just bcz i did the lab test at overseas hospital, and not play2, they charged $240+ for a simple lab test n just give me 1 pill. 3days lter they email me the lab test result n ofcoz it is same result as i did overseas, n they just say that it’s enough for me to just take antibiotics. They don’t even tell me what kind of, and where i can get it, when they told me that they will let me know if i need to collect some medicine.. 🙄🙄

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    I never regret choosing him as my #2 Gynae. Very professional, pro natural and stitching skill was great! Dr Ben was very calm and make me felt safe in his hand during labour time. He those kind of gynae that helps you save money and not to cheat you, very sincere Dr. It’s always pleasant going for check up as he’s always smiling, making me felt comfortable as well. Highly recommended! Definitely will go back to him if I have #3.

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    Niz Niz

    Spent high cost but the gynecological inflammation still there… Spent money and waiting one hrs plus still haven’t solve my disease. The medicine not effective on me. This clinic not suitable to treat gynecological inflammation.

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