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    lang tian

    Very bad experience. Dr like telling the memorised text book. Very rush and nil feeling of caring. Will not go there anymore.

  2. 2

    Kamlesh Shewani

    Doctor is not at all caring, just wants to rush and finish the queue of patients. Will never go back to him and will also not recommend to anyone. Zero satisfaction

  3. 3

    Vivian Teh

    Dr Adrian is very professional and efficient. I like that I don’t have to wait 2 hours just to see the doctor for 5 mins. Overall, I would recommend Dr Adrian to anyone who doesn’t like queuing

  4. 4

    Mellisa Vasco

    Not recommended at all! Almost everything is a rush from consultation with the Dr. to explanation and giving instructions from their reception area. Consultation will not even take 5 mins. You’ll feel blur if you are not prepared on how fast the process is. Lol… The worst part is not the Dr or how fast the consultation will take. It is when you just want to drop by to take the result of your lab test in the reception area. There’s this Filipina lady who do the registration and giving out result. The fastest she register the slower she’ll give your request. She will make you wait not because you came in late as I’ve noticed she did register first even the one who came after I came. It took me almost 30 mins standing in front of the reception area just waiting for the copy of my lab result when all she have to do is get it from the record file 2 steps away from her computer and when she decided to entertain my request It did not even take 10 seconds for her to get what I need. This is considering I am heavily pregnant standing waiting for her. You will never feel the patient care in this clinic! Very poor service.

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    Hana Lin

    Dr Adrian is my Gynae for two girls. He is very calm and experience. I have faith with him.

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