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    waitaminute .

    I asked a simple question of their rates and the receptionist threw attitude at me. Would it hurt to be nice???

    Edited: TWC got in touch with me and apologised for what happened. They were very willing to assist in the investigation to discipline the receptionist and help with booking my appointment.

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    JK TC

    There are many gynaes in Singapore, I strongly advise you not to see this gynae Dr Lawrence Ang P H.

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    Benny Quah

    very good doctor that help me and my wife for her. and he is very efficient. recommend to all mummy

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    Tay Lynn

    Dr Ang had been my gynae for my 3 children. He’s a doctor who knows his stuff well, and is definitely dependable. No regrets choosing him, since the very first birth of my child. A very friendly and accommodating doctor. Would definitely recommend him!

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    ohnmar Saw

    Is there any myanmese doctor?

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