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    Inge Dewi Kencono

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    Rita Surlaya

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    M. Vogelgesang

    I went for check up at Tow Yung and Mt. Elizabeth hospital and the former is definitely the more thorough and detailed one out of the two (extensive medical history interview, USG, breast and vaginal examination instead of only scan) and yet less costly. The difference was, we were given neither the soft nor hard copy to bring home and scan is in 2D/3D instead of 4D – I’m not sure if the technology is unavailable there or was it because it was deemed unnecessary in my case (it was my very first visit). The doctor speaks at a really fast speed, having said that, our session was in no way short or rushed; I must say, Dr Lim had been very patient with us and we are grateful to him. We did our appointment booking through Ms. Angeline and she couldn’t be more kind and accommodating towards us.

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    Dr lim teck chye. Very professional senior doctor. Had been their patients since 1993.
    Need 30min to an hr waiting time during visit. Wear thicker clothing as is colder ithere

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