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    Faith B

    My husband and I were very pleased with the excellent care Dr Wong provided during my pregnancy journey. Dr Wong is very professional and thorough. We had some minor scares and had to call him after hours and he always addressed our concerns and worries. His calm nature helped put us at ease during and post delivery. Every clinic visit was easy. Hardly any wait times, comfortable seats, great location and the loveliest ladies/nurses. We will definitely recommend them to friends and family.
    Much thanks to the clinic for providing such wonderful service!

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    Cathy.Mohdi Jeroudi

    Dr Wong delivered our 3 daughters. I think he is an exceptional obstetrician and wonderful person to deal with. He always answered all my questions with kindness and precision. I found him to be very approachable, straightforward and experienced. Heartfelt thanks to the clinic for such an outstanding service over the last 8 years, our family will greatly miss you when we leave Singapore next month. We wish you continued success!

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    Rae Yaw

    Dr Wong is a very special doctor to my wife and I. Not only is he the person who helped bring our first child into this world, he is also the person who made sure that my wife comes out of the operating room safe and healthy. The entire process from our first appointment to our postnatal appointments had been smooth, educational, assuring, and comfortable. Dr Wong made sure that we knew everything we needed to and went through all precautions with us. He was direct, efficient and at times humorous. I’d never met another doctor in my life who would reply to emails near to midnight and he would answer every single email no matter how much we asked. This is one committed doctor who has your best interest at heart. We delivered our baby sometime after midnight and despite the late hours, Dr Wong arrived, wearing his home clothes, to deliver our child. This is a doctor that will get the job done and do it well. He is confident, knowledgeable and straight to the point. He paid extra attention during the procedure to ensure that my wife did not suffer any damage or avoidable scarring to her body. We are grateful to Dr Wong for such commitment and care. Last but not least, Dr Wong’s staff are so friendly and familiar to us that we are always happy to see them. The clinic is clean, cosy and felt like a comfortable home. This clinic is everything a parent can ask and wish for. Thank you so much again Dr Wong and staff. – From Rae and Snow and our little Pudding.

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    whitney hesmer

    The best experience as an expat! Dr. Wong is very knowledgeable, practical & helpful. He used facts & knowledge to put me at ease and did a great job when performing the procedure. Highly, highly recommend!

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    Kim Nguyen

    Dr Wong helped me with my pregnancy and delivery journey. A combination of deep technical knowledge and surgical expertise meant that we were well taken care of. Although we had an early delivery via C-section, the birth went very well.
    He was a great support leading up to the big day – regular checks were easy and pleasant with very detailed information provided, and he was always available after hours for any issues, providing information and reassurance in equal measure.
    I would totally recommend Dr Wong and his team to look after you and your growing family.

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