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    Farnaz Khan

    Courteous and attentive staff. Enjoyed my appointment with Dr. Wong, who was easy to talk to, and sensitive to my needs. Didn’t have to spend a lot of time explaining my situation, she was quick to understand and very efficient!

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    Paul Di Guglielmo

    Disgraceful. My girlfriend waited more than 45minutes past her appointment time only to be seen for 3 minutes with the most rushed pap smear she’s ever experienced. My girlfriend has a history of lumps in her breasts which the Dr gave a quick once over before rushing her out of the room. When my girlfriend asked for a more thorough check, she was told to go get an ultrasound in the hospital and also told to get a sonogram for no apparent reason. This is unfortunately common here in Singapore where lazy Doctors like Dr Wong refuse to do their job properly, over-charge and then send patients for expensive, random and often useless tests to compensate for their laziness. I hope your lunch date was worth this Dr Wong.

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    Donovan Graham

    this Women (DR WONG). lol
    My partner is very upset with her professionalism, we flew into the country from another destination in Asia we were also happy to pay her handsome amount.
    She did 5 minutes of questions and now my partner has to go to another DR in Hong Kong to sort it out
    We were an inconvenience as lunch must of been calling,
    She didn’t really care about understanding the issue she was more interested in pumping out here really expensive medication.
    Its a shame as these issues can stop somebody having children.

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    Claudia Hiltrop

    Had a very disappointing appointment. She prescribed me a contraceptive that isn’t available in Singapore for months during a consultation of 5min. I will definitely not go back there and recommend everyone else to find an other doctor. Moreover they sent me insurance forms of other patients instead of mine.

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    Lauren Stern

    I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Wong. I had read the reviews here, and felt a bit nervous before my appointment, but had absolutely no reason to be. Dr. Wong took time to review my medical history, explain everything regarding my appointment in detail, and answer my questions. Her staff was extremely friendly and kind. Dr. Wong was comforting when she could see I was nervous, and walked me through every step of the appointment. I would return to see her again and recommend her to friends. Also, I spent less than predicted by the front desk, so I believe she is extremely fair.

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