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    google user

    I cannot thank Dr Lien enough for the excellent care, concern and support he has provided me. I went for holiday to Singapore and I started having uterine hemorrhage. Dr Lien did an amazing job and he quickly did arrange a day surgery for me. Without his help, I could not enjoy the rest of my days in Singapore.
    He is truly a remarkable doctor and professional that I respect and trust.
    I greatly appreciate all his kindness and support.

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    Dr lien and the staff is caring and patient, highly recommend this place. The two admins will always have a smiley face up on them towards every customers,Dr lien’s assistant Zoey also indeed very caring,and always treat every customers as her own

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    Ruku Segaran

    Had to do a termination and it was so painful and was supposed to go back for review after a week. I called grace(clinic Assistant) she said cannot see doc if still bleeding. Unfortunately my bleeding did not stop and had been having sharp pains. Had to go to NUH and discovered that the procedure was not done properly and tissues were left. I was scheduled for a re surgery for the evacuation!!!
    Till now noone from the clinic called nor enquired! I had called the clinic to inform on my status and all they said was to call me back. Initially they said that the fees was 1200 then it was increased to 1900.

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    Clarissa Tan

    Dr. Lien & his staff were very swift during an emergency situation I had. I contacted his clinic on short notice at 4pm the day before the 1st appointment after recommended by a different specialist because of a treatment they do not provide.

    Throughout the experience, Dr. Lien & his staff constantly checked in on me, even at 2am in the hospital on a Saturday. It was very reassuring to receive such dedicated care.

    Cost was fair and transparent to myself & my partner. We’re glad the abrupt situation we had, was turned around positively. We have found ourselves a new doctor/gynae. Thank you!

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    For those considering going there: Dr Lien is great, he’s patient, friendly and respectful and of course very experienced. The nurse was very kind, said things to me to make me feel better. I appreciate it. But do manage your expectation on the service you’re getting from the receptionists. Both of them, Chinese and Malay, are very rude. Dragon anties. They are not consistent on the price and appointments made. We agreed 9 they pushed for 830. They will force you to do things or pay in advance. They made you wait unnecessarily and make rude comments. They even blamed me for making them wait because they want to go off early before opening hour. They simply don’t respect you because they think abortion = bad woman. Both of the receptionists don’t deserve the job. That being said, I would still recommend doctor lien for his expertise.

    Funny thing is, the receptionist asked me not to wear gstring on the day of procedure. Rude guys.

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