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    Sera Wynn

    I’m sad to say that the worst part about my birth was Dr. Irene Chua. Simply put: if you want a doctor that truly believes in all natural, she’s not the right doctor for you. My experience with her proved that Dr. Irene Chua doesn’t want to be questioned or tailor her care to your beliefs. She did try hard to make me think that, but when push (no pun intended) came to shove, she’s did what she wanted to do. And that’s very hard to argue/stop when you’re in the middle of labor.

    During my birth, Dr. Irene Chua did the quickest option possible because it was clear she didn’t want to be there in the early hours of the morning. I’ll spare you the lengthy details, but it’s important to know that the bedside manner she displayed in her office QUICKLY went out the window. To add insult to injury, Dr. Irene Chua’s follow up care was appalling – terrible (or no) instructions, mean comments and a real lack of sympathy. I have spoken to other doctors in Singapore about how I was treated and they were shocked. Shocked. I know lots of people have had good births with Dr. Irene Chua, and I DO think that’s possible, but it’s going to be if you blindly trust her and only do exactly what she wants. The lesson I learned is that it’s never too late to switch doctors if it’s not a good fit. I truly wish I had.

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    Amanda Tay

    Dr. Irene Chua did what she had to when it was most critical and very literally saved my life.

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    Sita Rajagopal

    She truly cares for her patients and her staff are friendly.

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    Denise Phillips

    Had my 2 babies with her! Great journeying with her. Both deliveries were natural and safe!

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    esther looi

    I visit Dr Irene in 2004 tool now I personally feel that the Dr Irene here are professional and sincere in the way they treat their patients with no complacency. I must also commend the services of over-the-counter assistance. The staffs are patient, quick to respond, customer service oriented and always wearing a smile. Wonderful clinic overall and definitely worth the wait. đź‘Ťđź‘Ťđź‘Ť

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