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    Wilson Pang

    Dr. Hii is in his 50s and assisted by 2nurses. 1 at the counter, the other inside the consultation room. Nurses are quite friendly. Consultation fee:$80, Ultrasound $100++. Doctor doesn’t talk much unless you ask questions. Only NETS payment accepted.

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    Raymond YAP

    Dr Hii is a very experience doctor and always gave me & my wife the knowledge on how to take care of an unborn baby and what types of nutrients they need. Highly recommended to all parents!!!đź‘Ťđź‘Ťđź‘Ť

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    Raina Ye

    Dr Hii is a very detailed and caring gynae. He always take time to answer my questions and price is reasonable. Awesome doctor…

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    Jace .

    My bad experience was from years ago. Due to uterus eruption, i was constantly having bleeding. During one of the check up, we asked how the baby was doing after he scanned. He simply replied ‘baby struggling to survive’, without showing any emotion on his face. This doctor has no heart! Saying such thing to a patient who is already going thru difficult time and very depressed. When u try to ask more qns.. he will hush u and try to get u out of the room.
    Horrible!!! Tat was my last visit to this clinic

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    Pedro Ho

    Very expensive and overcharging. They only want your money.

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