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    I would say I didn’t have good experience here . First the doctor didn’t acknowledge me the charge of the service then when I pay the bill ! BOOM ! 900+ sgd !!! Sec I had a histology, small specimen which I did on 7th Sep . I have not receive any result of it even I called twice to follow up . They told me I need to make an appointment to see the doctor then I can get my result . I refused to do so then finally they agreed with me to give my result only when I physically to go there to collect . Funny rite ! No soft copy . Cannot send thru email . Patient must chase for their own result . I would say the doctor has experice and skills , but emotionally I don’t want to come back .

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    Ianz Inc

    One of the best gynae! Gave birth to my son last year. All of my checkups were very fast and easy. And the best was I gave birth earlier than expected. I was admitted at 1.30am. The staff called Dr Crystal Chin and she came down immediately. All i knew was i was sent to the OT room at 2.30am. I gave birth to my boy at 2.50am. It was very fast! She gave me all the required medications before and after my delivery! Honestly, i already missed her and her friendly staffs at the clinic! Never fail to make me happy!

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    Shirley Neo

    Dr Crystal Chin is approachable and attentive. Her nurses are friendly and helpful too. My husband really likes her as my doctor because she is patient in answering our questions and clearing our doubts on doing a Vbac. Dr Chin even bother to explain everything to my husband and gives her professional advices on the risk involved. She make sure both mummy and baby are doing well during pregnancy, as well as during and after delivery. Even though in the end, I chose to deliver via c-section, Dr Chin respected my wish and tried her best to accommodate to what I requested. She has good stitching skill and is very generous with giving advises on how to take care and maintain my body in the best way possible.

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    Simin S.

    Absolutely poor patient management. Informed me the morning itself to come down 12n sharp for my blood test results – thought it might be important and hence the urgency. Grabbed over, waited till 12.28pm and still it wasn’t my turn, decided to head downstairs to grab a bite.

    Returned at 12.33pm, at the same time received a text from the assistant saying it was my turn but I wasn’t around and the doctor had left for a surgery. Even if I had stayed, how meaningful would that consultation have been considering there was only 5mins in between?

    If you can’t slot multiple appointments into a time window, guess what – don’t.

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    Swati Gupta

    The doctor is very rude and unprofessional. She was not ready to share any report of her diagnosis and even for report or memo she wanted to charge money. She did some ultrasound scan and later did not even share any outcome or diagnose or next steps, she just kept saying I don’t know what the conclusion is. Will not recommend to anybody.

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