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    Terra Ombre

    We had found Dr Ng through recommendations on a public forum. We initially only intended to go for the first doctor’s visit when I discovered I was pregnant and to then see other doctors as well to choose the right one for us. This became impossible as we basically got locked in from one appointment to the next with all the tests etc. required. Finally after 6 months we had a window to see whether another doctor may be a better fit for us. The approach was like night and day. We never went back.
    Dr Ng’s approach to pregnancy is to take you through a process which resolves mostly around tests. He does not form a personal connection with patients and every visit is dominated by tests and medical procedures. He also makes you have an ultrasound at every visit.
    His explanations are unnecessarily complicated and unclear. If you ask him questions, he makes you feel very stupid for not knowing all the medical terminology. Every appointment felt exhausting and defeating.
    Not once in 6 months did he ask me what type of birth I wanted! This on the other hand was our new doctor’s first question when he met us.
    Dr Ng’s staff made a lot of mistakes with our tests and appointments as well. This caused unnecessary stress throughout the pregnancy.

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    Alexis Yeo

    Dr Ng helped me get through a risky pregnancy. It was a really low point in my life, but he frequenlty checked up on me to make sure me and my baby were ok.

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    Kit Chua

    I had doubts before about having a male gynecologist, but Dr Ng always made me feel comfortable and cared for.

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    Charmaine Ong

    After moving to our new house, my husband and I was very anxious to find a gynae. More than anything, we wanted to feel relaxed and assured. There were at first some trial and error involved, but finally we settled on Dr Ng, who was notably gentle in his mannerisms!

    I am now in my 7th month of pregnancy and I’ve seen Dr Ng several times for check-ups. Thanks to everyone at the clinic, so far my pregnancy has been going smoothly with all my needs taken care of.

    As we are already in our late thirties, we required closer monitoring which Dr Ng tended to in detail, never rushing us. We were given the standard tests and weren’t pressurized for additional ones, though we were given the option to opt for them if we wanted more details. I appreciated the range of services available even though we eventually did not utilise much more beyond the essentials.

    Dr Ng is also genuinely excited for our pregnancy, making him feel more like a friend than a cold and distant doctor just routinely doing his job!

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    Ryan Chan

    Always looking forward to my wife’s appointments with Dr Ng, as u can be assured of a thorough check and encouraging demeanour.

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