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    Jaclyn Loo

    First visit with her was for the removal of cyst in ovary by key hole surgery .. didnt really know whats that procedure ..jus want to get rid of the cyst .surprisingly I experience NO pain at all .. a month after the removal .. i was pregnant and went back to her .. She is very nice helpful and friendly add on she is good at taking blood …. not many doctors takes blood well … mine is always tough for many doctors and nurses .. but she got it with one try … the whole pregnancy was very smooth .. no worries .. at all ..

    there was once a senior consultant even praised that her stitching is very good..

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    Rin Z

    Cancelled my appointment after I had arrived at the clinic. Surely labor doesn’t happen right at the last minute, they should have called me earlier.

    Dr Regina also did not explain in full detail to me the consequences of having an IUD inserted. She did not offer me the option of painkillers till I left the clinic, almost fainted from the immense pain, and somehow stumbled back in to ask for help. They gave me a couple of painkillers and sent me on my way.

    I had to sit around outside the clinic for half an hour, trying not to pass out before I managed to grab a cab home.

    Horrible horrible bedside manners!

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    Grace Yeo

    Extremely expensive. price super inflated.
    IV n/saline $70 + IV drip set $50 + procedure charge (nurse) $35 for each procedure = $155 for iv drip only (can get it at 70% discount in other clinics). I got 3 injections and iv saline 1x so my total procedure charge(nurse) is $35×4=$140. these may be free in other clinic. Pls go NUH women clinic instead.

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    Avnesh Malineedi

    Too expensive. Money = water

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    ThatEi Aung

    Rude and insensitive front desk personnel; visit on own risk :/

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