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    Anandi Kulashekaran

    At 7 weeks pregnant i was bleeding, called the doctor and his reply was, wait for 2 days and visit his clinic. I could not wait, went to Kk a&e and turns out i was going through a miscarriage.

    Its has been 2 months and no calls from this private doctor to even check on his patient.

    Also if you make appointment in this clinic, they NEVER follow the appointment time ever. For a 9am appointment you may be called in at 10.15am if you are lucky.

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    charmaine foo

    Excellence is how I would like to convey my experience with Dr Phua. Hubby and I were very comfortable with him right from our first visit. He is a very meticulous, kind and caring doctor, someone who exudes a grandfatherly figure, who puts me at ease with just the right amount of information I need. He doesn’t overwhelm me with unnecessary details or put my body through unnecessary tests, screenings or medications. His calm persona helps balance the gan cheong (nervous) and overthinking me. Hubby and myself were especially touched when he gave me extra attention in the days following my c section. Dr Phua’s stitching is really neat and nice as well. It’s very rare to find gynaes who display genuine love and care for their patients and if you are looking for a good gynae who exhibits that kind of quality, Dr Phua is the doctor for you. His rates are also very reasonable for a private doctor. We will definitely not hesitate to go back to Dr Phua if we have a second child and would highly recommend him to first time mothers or any expectant mums.

    Special mention to both his lovely assistants as well. Their cheery disposition brightens up my day whenever we go to the clinic for check ups. 🙂

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    Aaron Cooper

    My wife went with Dr Phua for her gynae based on her friend’s recommendation. He’s a lovely doctor, very genuine and caring and his rates are very good compared to other gynaes’. After my wife had some minor complications, Dr Phua went out of his way to make sure my wife had a good, fast recovery. Can’t recommend him enough and it saddens me to see the negative reviews here. Will definitely look to go back to him in the future if the need arises! 🙂

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    Prem Ҝק

    Good for local singaporean women’s

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    Yvonne Yeoh

    Dr phua’s fees are quite reasonable and hes a nice n caring doc. but the downside is the receptionist is always pushing away the enquiries. Asked her about my blood test results which will take 2 weeks, its alrdy been 2 weeks, but all she said was if report is out she will hv called me. She didnt even bother to check! This is the 2nd time im calling in to ask about the report. Doc phua did inform me that the test results will only take 1 week plus to 2 weeks mark. But the receptionist simply didnt try to check. Very rude recept.

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