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    jinca L

    This clinic operates like a profit company, no empathy to patient. Cannot change prenatal appointment date even delivery is near, in the end skipped appointments due to timing not able to match. Maybe reason behind is already sign-up prenatal package, so no need to check so often.
    The attitude of nurse is egoistic and rude.
    Daily visit to patient ward is inconsistent, doctor too busy attending others.
    Follow up after delivery is so trivial, we ask to return supplementary pills that is unnecessary, clinic refused to honour the refund. Keep pushing medications like doing sales.
    It makes patient feel really uncomfortable.
    Not recommended. 1-star experience.

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    Lie Tjeng Lim

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    Lin Y.

    I am usually quite lazy to leave feedback for any services as this area is very subjective. However I felt compelled to write for my gynae, and also for other expecting mothers’ consideration in looking for a trustworthy gynae with that warm human touch.

    Dr Hong is very warm, gentle, friendly and cheery in all of my gynae appointments with her. Even my hub agrees with me on this and he is very comfortable with her. He thinks that we made the best decision in confirming her as our gynae. Dr Hong is not pushy in any way and will advise us of the available options and leave to us to decide. There is so much trust we have in her that sometimes I would rather she decides for me.

    Her recept team is also very approachable and will clear my queries patiently. They will always call me to remind me of the upcoming appointments. Waiting time is usually quite short imo, unless Dr Hong needs to stop the consultation to attend to other urgent matters.

    Overall, they are very consistent with what they are doing, and there is nothing that the perfectionist me could see fault in. I definitely will miss visiting them after my delivery, and will go back to Dr Hong if I am expecting again.

    Other comments: Clinic location is good – ample parking space at Mt A. F&B choices at Mt A is also good.

    From a very satisfied mama to be who 1) is used to govt hosp appointments with long waiting time (which is pretty much the norm), 2) had been to other private gynae with long waiting time and also a very rude and insensitive recept.

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    Samantha Chionh

    Dr Hong was very friendly throughout our whole pregnancy. She answers all questions and assures us. Dr Hong was also good with her stitching. After delivering, there was not much pain. I didnt even needed the painkillers prescribed.

    Sharon, her nurse cum receptionist was also very professional. She was patient in explaining everything in details despite being shorthanded due to a colleague being on maternity leave. Sharon always made sure to get back to us with regards to any queries.

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    Fadhli Adesta

    Wife and I have tried several different gynaes prior to choosing Dr Hong. We thus consulted her from my wife’s 1st-2nd month of pregnancy until she delivered in Mount Alvernia just a couple of days ago. I’ll try to leave an objective feedback so other expecting mothers benefit from her service.

    1. Visitation charges at about one hundred dollars plus minus per visit, excluding supplements and screening. Complementary print of the USG
    2. Total gynae bill was about $5k throughout pregnancy + delivery.
    3. Waiting time ranges from about 10 minutes to about 40 minutes.
    4. Two front office staff, one nurse.

    1. PRO NATURAL BIRTH – wife had the unfortunate event of prolonged labour which could have justified caesarean birth. Dr Hong supported our decision to give birth naturally and it was done so without complication. Hard to say if other gynae would have made the same call.
    2. Excellent stitching. I don’t have a point of reference for how good is her stitching compared to other doctors, but my wife has not been complaining of pain throughout.
    3. Went the extra mile. Dr Hong called us through mobile when we had some concerns.
    4. Dr Hong is the most approachable doctor I have met. She listens to our many concerns and took her time to make sure we understand.
    5. Scheduling is flexible. We changed our appointments many times, be it due to emergency or others. The staff was always happy to accommodate.

    1. USG picture taken might not be very clear.
    2. Clinic tried to push some supplements. I think this practice might be quite normal in Singapore scene. They were understanding enough to stop when we said we’ve already have our own.
    3. Dr Hong’s leave sometimes coincides with our plan. Not a big problem.
    4. Mt Alvernia is not very accessible.

    Bottom line is that if you’re an expecting mother, I’d highly recommend Dr Hong. Just make sure to check the Dr’s scheduled leave so that it won’t coincide with your EDD.

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