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    Chris H

    Super rude nurse at the main reception answering/receiving calls. And super long wait for the malaysian doc who is always late. Charges exorbitant rates. Simple pap smear was over $300 + extras for consultation and scans..go figure! Elsewhere I can get it much lower price for a pap smear!

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    Joan Zhou

    My 1st gyne experience was with this clinic and it’s not easy to forgot. I was doing scan half way and a nurse came in to ask doc to sign on some documents. Doc was holding the machine inside me with 1 hand and I’m fully exposed to the nurse with my private area. And they still chit chat after she signed on the paper. The worst part is that when doc was explaining my situation, I dont understand the professional terms and I asked her if she could explain in Chinese. She didnt at all and started to mention about “cancer”. I was so scared and started to cry. I told her to stop while I brought my husband in to help me. We were both so worried and decided to seek a 2nd opinion. End up it was just a normal cyst …. what an irresponsible and lousy doctor & clinic!

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    Simone Pereira

    One star is way to much for this clinic. Spent 2hours waiting and that’s because I did make an appointment 2 weeks beforehand!Disrespectful it’s the minimum to say. Dr Cathlyn Chan saw all my exams just to tell me she still couldn’t diagnose or give me medication. She was asking for more exams that cost more money. Of course!!Unprofessional physician as she was mentioning I could have cancer hence she couldn’t simply diagnose by the symptoms.

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    Emily Emily

    1) Long waiting time (1 – 1.5 hours): booking appointment in advance did not help at all.
    2) No privacy for patients: counter is so near seating area, I could hear the conversations between nurses and patient updating conditions about themselves.
    3) Unprofessional service from counter staff, came in twice to ask questions even when doctor is doing body checkup. Called me up and asked for availability for review, when I have already confirmed the date and time on day 1. Waste of time and energy.

    Unpleasant experience overall.
    One star: it’s at least airconditioned and there is a McDonald’s/ coffeeshop nearby to have your drink while you wait!

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    Elise Tan

    Overall experience was good😊Dr Cathryn Chan was professional, detailed, caring 👍👍👍. Nurses were also helpful and friendly. Thank you ☺️

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