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    Janet (Malford Ceramics Pte Ltd)

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    Bernadette Iyodu

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    E B

    I don’t often write reviews, however in this case I thought I would share my experience…

    Dr. Chua seemed lovely and competent during my appointment with her on October 1. However, her office staff is incredibly unprofessional, inefficient and at times, rude. (It is unclear if Dr. Chua is even aware of this??)

    During my appointment with Dr. Chua, we agreed to a brief follow-up to go over my test results. And since my appointment date in early October, I have attempted to get in contact with Dr. Chua MANY, MANY times via email and WhatsApp.

    Her staff tells me she is “out of town” or will “get back to me” as soon as she returns. One staff member wrote — your test results are all normal, what do you need to talk with Dr. Chua about? (Wow! Really?)

    So, 2 1/2 months have gone by and still no response from Dr. Chua.
    Does she even know I have been trying to contact her? Or is she ignoring my request for our agreed upon follow-up? I guess I will never know.

    Bottom line — extremely disappointing and beyond unprofessional.
    I simply can not recommend this office.

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    Charisse Zhuo

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